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Show hints and tips

Further information about flower and produce entries is available in the RHS Horticultural Show Handbook available from Wisley. 


Pick flowers when not fully open. Pick the evening before the show and stand them in water overnight. Remove damaged leaves.

All vegetables

Plain displays are preferred. Put on a plain white plate large enough to contain exhibits without crowding. Exhibits may be arranged for effect.

Root vegetables

Leave the roots on. Wash the vegetables.


Wash but do not polish.


Globe-type beet should have a small tap root. The leaves should be removed, leaving not more than 3 in of stalk. Seal end with a flame to stop bleeding and tie.


They should be young, tender and a uniform shape (max 15 cm/6 in in length). They can be any colour but well-matched.


Do not take too much off outside of onion. Leave 4 in of tops and small amount of root. Tie tops with raffia.


Arrange well on a plate or dish and leave little stalks.


They should be clean and healthy (no rust under leaves or insect holes).

Collection of vegetables

They should be well set out on a tray. Observe maximum size when given.

Soft fruits

Leave on sprigs. Present on a dish. Leaves may be used to decorate.

Hard fruits

Do not polish. Leave on natural bloom.


No packet mixtures are to be used. There should be no proprietary names visible on the jars, bottles or tops for jam or chutney or drinks. Remember that cleanliness is essential: check your jars, bottles and lids as well as the contents for freshness.


Jars should be filled to the top and polished clean. Wax covers should be put on at once. We recommend using new tops or cellophane. Preserve is jam in which the fruit is kept whole. Conserve is jam with an additional ingredient or ingredients to give a more unusual flavour.


This should have a plastic or plasticised lid.

Photography, art and craft

Please pin entry cards to fabric entries. Drawings and paintings should be framed. Photographs would benefit from being enlarged and should be displayed neatly in a mount without glass, but not in a frame. Details of where photos were taken would be appreciated.

Entries should not have been exhibited previously in the Society’s shows. Garments, toys, quilts etc should be unworn or unused.

All items in this section should have been drawn, painted, photographed or made in the recent past (eg within the last year or so).